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Action on Smoking and Health
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ASH is currently providing leadership, coordination and secretariat to the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA) a heterogeneous alliance of non-governmental organizations from around the world who are working jointly and separately to support the development, signing, and ratification of an effective Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) and related protocols. For more information on the FCTC visit the FCA’s website

The World Health Organization estimates that tobacco will kill 10 million people annually by the year 2030. This global epidemic needs a global response.

You can help defeat the world's #1 preventable killer.

You can help save up to 10 million lives a year.

You can help protect against tobacco smoke abroad.

The World Health Organization [WHO] is trying desperately to persuade the U.N. member nations to adopt the world's first anti-tobacco treaty.

But it's already in serious trouble from the deadly combination of big tobacco and the Bush Administration.

ASH, a charitable tax-exempt organization, is trying to generate support for the treaty, and to ensure that it is not weakened by pro-tobacco pressures.


Please explore this web site to learn more about the problems of worldwide smoking, how the treaty would help, who's attacking the treaty, and what you, your friends, and your organizations can do to help.




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